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  1. Project Yosemite

    Project Yosemite Plus Yosemite National Park


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    Project Yosemite is a time-lapse video project set in Yosemite National Park and shot by Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill. We started it in January 2012 after meeting through Vimeo. The idea for the project came to us during our first overnight trip to Half Dome. We’ve been working together…

  2. Пситренинг.рф
  3. Dustin Farrell

    Dustin Farrell PRO Phoenix


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    Freelance Director of Photography - Time Lapse, Feature Films, Broadcast Media Television, Commercials, Corporate, Documentaries, Promo's, etc. Specialties: Time Lapse, Film and Video Production, Editing, Motion Control, Glidecam and Aerial Imaging with a Quadcopter Dustin Farrell Visual Concepts,…

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