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Born in 1985, Alex Glawion decided early on to follow his interest in art and film-making.
He studied film, design and animation at the Freie Hochschule für Grafikdesign und Bildende Kunst in Freiburg, Germany.
After creating award-winning shorts such as “Evolution” and “A Glimpse of Light”, he graduated at the top of his class, with “The Risk not Taken” in 2011.


Official Selection - Siggraph CAF 2012 - The Risk not Taken
Official Selection - The Risk not Taken - Motion Festival Cyprus
Official Selection - The Risk not Taken - Suzanne Animation Festival - Amsterdam
Official Selection - Anibar 2012 - The Risk not Taken
Official Selection - Film Leben Festival Ilmenau - The Risk not Taken
Short Film "The Risk not Taken" part of FOSS Session at CINANIMA Film Festival, Portugal
Best Designed Short Film - for: Evolution - Suzanne Award
Best Designed Short Film - for: A Glimpse of Light - Suzanne Award Nomination
Suzanne Animation Festival - for: In-Between Ends - Official Selection
3D-Challenge 1. Place for CG Short Film "Pedaloskop"

Contact: contact[attt]

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