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Alex is a television documentary, factual, and lifestyle director / shooter / producer. As a founding partner of Barbershop Films in Vancouver Canada, Alex produced and directed a range of beauty and lifestyle footage to promote Canada in the lead up to the 2010 Winter Olympic games, including the opening ceremony footage.

2011 - 2014 Alex has worked for leading Broadcasters (History, Discovery, "W", HGTV) in the OB DOC and LIFESTYLE genre.

2011/2012 - Consumed - 16 x 1hr Episodes (HGTV)
2012 - Yukon Gold - 2 x 1hr Episodes (HISTORY)
2012 - Highway thru Hell - 12 x 1hr Episodes (DISCOVERY)
2012/13 - Love it or List it - 3 x 1hr Episodes (W)
2013 - Airshow - 8 x 1hr Episodes (DISCOVERY)
2013/14- Highway thru Hell - 12 x 1hr Episodes (DISCOVERY)

Alex is a confident shooter with a razor sharp eye for great visuals and compelling story. He has proven success with sensitive subjects in interview, and with creating fluid and authentic relationships with characters.

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  1. Beautiful work Alex. I am a Vancouver native but currently live and work in NYC. I am trying to re-establish roots with film makers in the home town I hope to someday return to.