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I'm a Sundance alum and a Berlinale Talent Campus alum. My short films have earned around a hundred and sixty awards in film festivals worlwide. I even keep a list in a hard drive somewhere.

My goal is to write and direct and make a living out of it. So far so good.



  1. Headspace
  2. Sr.&Sra.
  3. adrian hernandez
  4. Sr.B
  5. Micael Preysler
  6. Manuel Cristóbal
  7. Manuela Moreno
  8. Tatsuro Kiuchi
  9. Oscar Faura
  10. Julio O. Ramos
  11. Shaktale
  12. Jeff Hurlow
  13. Ian Durkin
  14. Short of the Week
  15. Matthew Wells
  16. Oli L. Porpetta
  17. El Día Más Corto
  18. LINE UP Shorts

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