Alex Rozko

Chicago, IL

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Alex earned his BA at Ohio University, Interior Architecture [FIDER/CIDA]. Since graduating in 2006, he established himself in New York City, until 2010. Now Alex resides in Chicago, IL.

Alex's professional background started with an internship in East Asia. These studies took him to Tokyo, Nagoya, Beijing and Hong Kong. There he collaboratively designed with renown architects and architectural students in progressive environments.

Additional positions were held with high-end and award winning design firms specializing in:

Residential, Event, Retail, Commercial, Health Care & Kitchen/Furniture.

Alex has been recognized for his substantial devotion to environmental studies, including a solid background in LEED. As a devoted steward of both learning and educating, he is an active volunteer for numerous organizations. Alex is also known to be actively engaged in design competitions and events.

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