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Alex Tan is a passionate individual who stumbled upon photography in year 2008 when he bought his first DSLR camera simply to turn the moments in his life into still images, preserving memorable moments of his life. He was just a mere banker in a foreign bank in year 2004, who excelled quickly from normal consumer sales banker to commercial relationship manager. However, upon stumbling on photography, he pursued his interest with passion and has built a name for himself in the photography world. He is a friendly and happy-go-lucky person who is pretty good in storytelling and making friends. With his sense of wonder and imagination, he relentlessly continued his journey in photography, excelling in it and going professionally with the establishment of Alextan Artworks.

Being one who seems rather enjoying life, he is pretty serious when it comes down to photography. He is dedicated in Alextan Artworks in bringing his customers great satisfaction with his well-known classic, artistic, and dramatic style. Constantly being inspired by the opportunity to document multi facets of clients’ happy moments, exposing himself to different cultures, getting involved and witnessing client’s joyous moments in life, has presented Alex with the gift of the knack for capturing natural moments on photography, capturing and retelling clients joyous story. He views his photography experiences as producing pieces of art, capturing and preserving memorable moments in life, personalizing the creation and delivering joy to satisfied clients.

At present, Alex is an international wedding portraits photographer with vast photography experiences in weddings, portraits, and high fashion commercials, with the flair of artistic and dramatic style, making him a well sought after photographer for weddings.

Awards & Achievements
Alex Tan is an international award winning photographer who constantly progresses himself to excel better in what he does by challenging himself through photography competitions. The following are his accomplishments thus far.

2014 – Certified Licentiate Wedding Portraits Photographer Of Asia ( WPPA )
2013 - International Loupe Award Competition ( 3x Bronze Awards )
2012 – WPPI 2nd Half Online Competition ( 3x Accolades of Excellent Awards )
2012 – International Loupe Award Competition ( 3x Bronze Awards )
2012 – Asia Top 30 Photographer – Signature Wedding, January 2012 Issue
2011 – WPPI 2nd Half Online Competition ( 4x Accolades of Excellent Awards )
2011 – WPPI 2011 1st Half Online Competition ( 4x Accolades of Excellent Awards )
2010 – Photographing With A Cause Photo Competition 2010 – Grand Award

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