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Madrid / España

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Alfredo Morte works with creative experimentation based on motors and robotic structures that seek interaction and thoughtful participation from the viewer. Mechanics is a medium, a tool for generating strangeness, interest, thought or narration. His work can be understood as a research laboratory, a field always open to variation, a place in which to dream up devices with sound as their motif.

Morte makes his pieces as series, producing works such as "Golpeadores", "Retruécanos" and "Sinvergonzonerías". His latest work, "Orquesta microsinfónica", is a portable interactive sound installation with multiple applications. The system invites viewers to participate via a control console, and its applications evolve with each intervention. An orchestra of motors, cables and potentiometers that fits into two suitcases, so it can be carried around easily. Apart from serving this purpose, the system also serves to resolve a set of practical engineering problems that crop up on a different scale.

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