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Christopher Riley a writer, broadcaster and filmmaker.

He produced the 2007 Sundance Award winning film 'In the Shadow of the Moon' and directed the innovative 2011 documentary recreation of Gagarin's pioneering space flight 'First Orbit'.

His most recent documentary films include:

"The Girl who talked to Dolphins" - the story of John Lilly and Margaret Howe's extraordinary experiments in the 1960s to try and teach dolphins to speak English. The film will premiere on 11.6.14 at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival, and is to be broadcast by BBC Four a week later on 18.6.14.

"The Fantastic Mr Feynman" - first broadcast in May 2013 on BBC TWO to mark what would have been the Nobel prize winning physicist's 95th birthday.

Neil Armstrong - First Man on the Moon; a landmark biopic, made in close collaboration with the Armstrong family, and first broadcast on BBC TWO.

Voyager: To The Final Frontier - presented by Dallas Campbell - and broadcast on BBC FOUR to mark the 35th anniversary of the Voyager Missions.

Space Shuttle: The Final Mission - made to mark the final flight of NASA's space shuttle for BBC TWO. The film is presented by Kevin Fong.

Chris is the author of more than forty articles and books on astronomy and planetary science and regularly lectures on this and other topics.

He was a pioneer of web journalism, reporting for the BBC's first news online service during the mid 1990s. He continues to work at the forefront of the new media revolution and is the founder and director of the innovative production company theatticroom.

He has a PhD from Imperial College, University of London and is visiting professor of Science and Media at the University of Lincoln's School of Media.

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