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Lana Gerimovich is the owner and fashion designer at Alis Fashion Design. Her career began in the former Soviet Union. Lana stated designing clothes while she was working on her mechanical engineering degree at the Kazakh State Polytechnics Institute. During her college years Lana began experimenting with clothing design and construction applying her newly acquired engineering principles to fashion design. Her engineering background allowed for precision, crispness and impeccable tailoring of her custom designed clothes. After earning her degree in mechanical engineering Lana realized that Fashion was her true passion and she decided to pursue her career in fashion design. She immediately enrolled in the Almaty School of Fashion Design.
After her graduation from Almaty School of Fashion Design Lana moved to Ukraine where her enthusiasm for fashion resulted in the launch of a garment factory “Epas”, a joint venture between Ukraine and Poland. For the next four years Lana worked at the Epas garment factory as a head designer.
In 1995 Lana launched her own women’s and children’s clothes manufacturing company “Alisa”. Under her talented leadership the company quickly grew and by 1998 Alisa brand clothing was available at major retail stores throughout Central Ukraine.
In 2002 Lana moved to Rochester, New York. Within a few short months her entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiastic drive resulted in creation of her own custom design and alterations studio “Alis Fashion Design”.
In 2006 Lana moved her company Alis Fashion Design to Phoenix, Arizona where she expanded her business to include custom-made wedding gowns, one-of-a kind couture clothing, and costumes for figure skaters. A great part of her business is still focused on complex alterations. Lana’s impeccable taste, dedication, and attention to details have earned her a prominent place in the fashion arena of the United States and the world.

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