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  1. Pocket Cinema Camera

    by Bill Bruner

    884 Videos / 743 Members

    Latest and best Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera footage - demonstrating the awesome dynamic range and color bit depth of this amazing little camera. Footage straight from the auteur - no camera show…

  2. Panasonic GH3

    by Texas Media Systems

    445 Videos / 204 Members

    Please share your GH3 videos in this group. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Panasonic-GH3/315301895234258 Texas Media Systems has Panasonic GH3 cameras in stock for $1299.99 xsav.com/DMC-GH3_p_5007.html

  3. soundtrack lab

    by Will Bangs

    5 Videos / 11 Members

    A gathering place for composers and filmmakers to collaborate.

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