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I expert at Equality Act 2010, Public Sector Equality Duty, EC Humnan & Disability Rights. Trying to expose extreme corruption, discrimination and victimisation by over 80 organisatio 300 people, public authorities and many charities. My 75yo Mum and I are even fighting extreme police corruption in evil village of Aylesham where she has HELP painted on front garden fence since 26th May 2012 so many hush it up!, Canterbury, Dover, Kent and Doncaster South Yorkshire.
I first disabled to sue SRA under Equality Act 2010 1SE06800
I am autism spectrum disorder (VERY; PROUD as I have integrity, honour & high logical intelligence), dyspraxia, born deaf, clinical depression, ADHD, asthma, speech defects, need glasses, PSTD, High stress & Anxiety.
They put me in Doncaster Prison to shut me up!!! Mum's had SIX angina attacks over Kent and Doncaster Police when they KNOW Mum's at high risk of heart attack, that IS attempted murder & they torture me in cells!

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  • Help us please - I'm banned unlawfully from using twitter at the moment but will break it soon & will starve to death in Prison in fear & protest at what is happening to vulnerable disabled people in ENGLAND!! Extreme corruption, ignorance, discrimination.


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