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Since 1999, Alpheus Media has been telling stories.

We’re interested in people, specifically, their individual stories, and how human stories can explain and explore complicated issues. Stories that motivate people to be part of a cause or build a community. Stories in over a dozen languages. We tell stories through TV shows, web sites, films, commercials, podcasts and motion graphics. Our stories can go from a book to a screen or the other way around.

We’ve told award-winning stories for clients and sponsors including the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the Redford Center at the Sundance Preserve, PBS, Discovery Networks, Sundance Channel, the YMCA, UT System, and the Center for American History. You might have seen our stories on network and cable television, caught them at a movie theater or film festival, watched them online, or read about them in the New York Times. Our stories have won awards — Emmys, Hugos and Tellys to name just a few — and even earned us Knighthood status.

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