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"One feels transgressive for not enjoying as much as others, for not being unique enough, or disobedient enough. What makes us obedient citizens is our feeling transgressive through guilty for being unhappy: resistance to pleasure leads somehow to thinking oneself transgressive. Today, any relentless strife for happiness, which was formerly seen as transgression, is perceived as obligatory. This is the super-ego dimension of the command to enjoy. The super-ego is never simply an explicit rule or pressure but an injunction that is implied by our very freedom: one feels guilty for not making the most of one’s privileges today.
Andre Vantino

We think of ourselves as disobedient when we are not. How did it come to this? We feel authentic and rebellious through our very failures to fully enjoy or to make the most of our possibilities. “We feel guilty not for our sins but for our failures to enjoy,” says Todd McGowan. Thinking ourselves as unique in feeling guilty ensures that “we don’t know how obedient we are”.
Andre Vantino

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