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Estoril, Portugal

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I am a multimedia personality, both genetically and professionally. I hold a degree in Computer Science, long and successful years of work in design and web design (and quite a few awards too), a passion for the arts (painting, assemblage and music) and I am also a professional musician.

I pursue objectives and am not afraid to take on new challenges, life is a learning process and everything is too connected for me to be satisfied in becoming a "specialist" in one single area, or field of knowledge. If anything, I would love to be a specialist in living and in life itself.

Vimeo has taken down my latest video on the grounds of copyright infringement with a track by Johann Sebastian Bach, which I recorded at home from a public domain MIDI file, that they insisted was copyrighted by "The Hit Crew", no doubt a specialist in baroque organ pieces. For this reason I will be now posting my videos to YouTube ( and Dailymotion ( instead.

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