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Amanda Marie Florian, is a sophomore communications major from Charlotte, North Carolina. One of her dreams is to be on broadway and become successful in the TV/Film Industry, She is studying Film and Broadcast Journalism, Her past roles on stage include Susan in Narnia:The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Ernestina in Hello Dolly, A Ballerina in The Phantom of the Opera, a dynamic personality in Schwartz's Godspell, and more. Her movie credits include Spider-Man 3, Doubt, and Music & Lyrics, to name a few.
Recently, she made a TV appearance on NBC's "The Winner Is" with her two sisters.

Amanda Marie Florian is in a singing group called The TBAGirls, who have performed on NBC, as well as at The Billy Graham Library, St. Anthony's Festa Italia, and on The Atlantic City Boardwalk. Traveling is one of the many things she loves to do, especially with her family, whom she is immensely close to.

Amanda Florian
The TBAGirls
Musician | Designer | Student

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