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  1. Film School - Filmmaking

    by Tommy Rodriguez subscribed to

    1,927 Videos / 23.7K Followers

    This is the free Film School of www.cinemacuteo.com/content/blogsection/9/80/ which are published videos tutorials to make your film projects, from the special effects, to the steadycam, lights,…

  2. VOTD (Video Of The Day)

    by BumKi Cho subscribed to

    1,097 Videos / 775 Followers

    Share the video that you love the most today. When you find a gem video that makes your day, please use shoutbox to recommend it here. Please limit yourself to one recommendation per day if you…

  3. Cinematic

    by Dean Yurke subscribed to

    41 Videos / 2,690 Followers

    Videos that embrace the power of cinema. If you want to make sure I see your video suggestions, post them on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/StayBuried And please give it a LIKE

  4. microfilms

    by françois vautier subscribed to

    27 Videos / 5 Followers

    works & researches by F.vautier

  5. Moving Image

    by Devoted to Motion subscribed to

    1,496 Videos / 5,860 Followers

    We are devoted to motion and the moving image.

  6. Fubiz

    by Mathieu Foucher subscribed to

    2,194 Videos / 11.6K Followers

    Daily dose of inspiration - http://www.fubiz.net

  7. HDSLR Cinematography

    by Ezaram Vambe subscribed to

    2,500 Videos / 4,439 Followers

    A great selection of HD videos that harness the power of DSLR cameras in all their majesty.

  8. iPhone Cinema

    by The Film Artist subscribed to

    706 Videos / 7,308 Followers

    The very best HD films from the new iPhone are featured here, please post a shout if you would like your film to be added here, thanks for watching the new revolution in film making! :) TFA Love…

  9. Model Channel

    by Dikayl Rimmasch subscribed to

    431 Videos / 1,586 Followers

  10. Hey deleplei

    by Juan Solano subscribed to

    393 Videos / 41 Followers

    "Music, a combination of sounds, with a view to beauty of form and expression of emotion..." http://deleplei.tumblr.com/ http://www.facebook.com/deleplei https://twitter.com/deleplei

  11. dslr arthouse

    by Uwe Lansing subscribed to

    601 Videos / 1,083 Followers

    DSLR + DSMC™ Film Making Good videos and ambitious short films also at: "Good, True & Beautiful": http://vimeo.com/groups/63953 "German Art House" http://vimeo.com/groups/arthouse __________________________________

  12. creative recreation

    by MOFF subscribed to

    532 Videos / 533 Followers

    creative recreation - dslr video

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