Amed Yassine

Beirut, Lebanon.

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As an Assistant Director, Ahmad Yassine, worked with international and local Directors and Cinematographers, adding to his knowledge and techniques. Having a history in photography and as a drama artist further added to his experience giving his films a unique touch.

This young director began his interest in film when he studied Drama & Filmmaking in the Lebanese University located in the country he was born in, Lebanon. He was able to taste the different cultures through his many travels. Continuing his knowledge he traveled to attend important workshops under the supervision of filmmakers across Germany (Hamburg Uni.) and Italy (Festivals workshops).

All the experiences and knowledge he has accumulated over the years add an exquisite touch in the creation of his films. Ahmad approaches each piece he works on as stories to be told. Taking each challenge into his hands, a strong connection between his viewers and his films are made.

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