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Amie is a Melbourne based artist who seeks to enquire into social systems and systems of knowledge through various projects, often exploring and documenting with archival methods of collecting and utilizing video, performance art and installation. Her work recurrently displays a strong interest in breaking down social barriers through art, creating opportunities for exchange and both inter-human relations and personal experiences. In pursuit of this, her work is approached as a kind of extrasensory investigation, one which invents new kinds of knowledge, sustains intuition, and disrupts our sense of ‘self’ in the world. Resulting works occupy both the space of the banal and the miraculous. The body, particularly her own, often becomes a natural extension of her work; a conduit through which actions and ideas flow, touching on the nature of our corporeal existence.

Amie Anderson, completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Sculpture and Spatial Practice at The Victorian College of the Arts, in 2012. During this time she was awarded the 2009 Yvonne Cohen Scholarship, the 2011 Woodgain Sculpture Prize and was selected for the 2010 Victoria Harbour Young Artist Initiative.
In 2013 she exhibited and performed in various group shows including Colour Light Plays, (curated by Sandra Bridie and Craig Burgess).
Amie is a Co-director of the artist-run-initiative, The Food Court, an exhibition and Arts project space for emerging and established artists, with wider objectives of fostering social/public space activation and community exchange.
The Food Court is supported by the Renew Australia project and Docklands Spaces.


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