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Director/Cinematographer/Motion Graphics Artist

A true prodigy in the domain of film production, Amit Kehar is no less a genius than a fool. Tall and obtuse; Amit has mastered the art of storytelling; through the power of his lens Amit brings the viewer to lush worlds and provides them with a vivid and momentous experience. From directing, editing, visual effects, writing and chasing squirrels; Amit does it all for Gin and Tea Productions. His inspiration has been derived from prolific directors, such as, Martin Scorcese, and Michel Gondry. Diverse ethnic background and training has allowed him to transcend the boundaries of traditional filmmaking and blessed him with a Midas touch while holding a camera. Amit has directed music videos for local Quebec bands such as the JMC Project and L’Orosité and is the co-founder of Café au Lait productions. To check out some of his recent work go to . Amit hopes Gin & Tea Productions will help him earn enough money to get avant-garde haircuts and a GPS for his car.

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