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Locomotion is a creative design and animation studio, created from the passion for great ideas, beautifully executed, that can make the audience say WoW.

Founded in 1998 in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Locomotion acclaim in both commercial and artistic arenas, and became a leading studio in a variety of different fields, Among them art exhibitions, 3d video mapping , TV programs, corporate event items and live TV specials, Live music shows, visitors centers, Official national ceremonies and much more.

Following an ideology of embracing any new technology, Locomotion was among the firsts to work with LED screens, Holograms, Water screen, 360 degrees projection, Interactive media and video mapping techniques.

Locomotion has outgrown the boundaries of Israel and was called to work in many countries around the world including USA, England, Germany, Italy, Holland, Greece, Turkey and Thailand.

As a post production studio, Locomotion share it’s vast experience, Offering an “Under one roof” concept, Which aids and accompany any project from start to end. From it’s basic phases of concept and script, through the design, editing, sound and music, 2d and 3d animation and up until the final phases of the project itself.

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