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amoeba is a UK based motion, direction and design studio, evolving in 1995.
Working within advertising, media, film, broadcast, digital installations and print in the UK, USA, Europe and Russia.




Print and Screen Art direction and full digital campaigns incl: motion design, broadcast design, EPK's, viral campaigns, record sleeves, brand ID, tour spots, site specific installations, music videos, tour visuals, title design, re-branding, launch styling and visual music production.

/CLIENTS 1995-2013
MTV, MacUser, MTV Asia, Muzik, MTV Europe, Sony, Sony UK, Dennis Publishing, Maverik media, slam, another picture co, enamore lingerie, AWS, the elektrons, wall of sounds records, The picture company, muzik magazine, ITV, politeca, Princess Productions, Channel 4, Soma records, film tiki, thinkmate, product.01, compost records, rub a dub records, glitched ear records, 24:7


[A.AV] has evolved as the research vehicle for the creative visual music, performance, installation and DVD releases from amoeba.av

/aple.ep - mirmicmeme-microglitchmachinefunk visual music DVD 10 AV visual music tracks and a 23 HD av loop pack + vectors

[Kanzeon konx om pax] amoeba was asked by directors of the acclaimed documentary film KanZe0n to re-interpret the film as a live audio visual performance, for 1 to 3 screens and video mapping events.

/aav.visualmusic+AV track collection

/aav.remix channel


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