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    Battle: Los Angeles - world invasion [Sony worldwide campaign ]

    by amoeba

    10 Videos

    World Wide Digital Campaign, TV News Broadcasts and Viral releases for the new Sony Film. [ Battle: Los Angeles - World Invasion ] All videos designed, directed and produced by amoeba/filmtiki 2011 /amoeba www.theestateovcreation.co.uk /filmtiki www.filmtiki.com /D.O.P www.jackfruitmedia.com /Casting www.bmmodels.co.uk

  2. 21:32

    amoeba client tour visuals/on screen visuals/performances

    by amoeba

    16 Videos

    album for band and tour visuals, festival and event branding, screen visuals, live sets and branded visuals. amoeba design/motion/direction theestateovcreation.co.uk amoeba av [aav] aavaple.info

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    AAV vs Politeca_a DVD visual protest album

    by amoeba

    4 Videos

    Excerpts from a 10 track visual protest DVD and live show. AAV vs Politeca 2009/2010 www.politeca.org

  4. 07:45

    amoeba client work

    by amoeba

    23 Videos

    motion promos, TV spots and adverts for broadcast, directed and made by amoeba for various clients. amoeba design/motion/direction www.theestateovcreation.co.uk amoeba av [aav] www.aavaple.info

  5. 07:45

    amoeba music videos 2000-2010

    by amoeba

    10 Videos

    Broadcast music videos designed and built by amoeba in theestateovcreation amoeba design www.theestateovcreation.co.uk amoeba av [aav] www.aavaple.info

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    AAV_APLE arrange.process.loop+edit

    by amoeba

    22 Videos

    The latest performance, installation+dvd by AAV [amoeba av] APLE/ARRANGE.PROCESS.LOOP+EDIT dvd.EP/dvd.ALBUM/live.PERFORMANCE/video.INSTALLATION +live showreel from aav performances in Europe 09-10 +aple.ep…

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