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Amorphica Design Research Office is an emerging Architecture, Urban Design and Research collective studio that evolves projects internationally with the intention of developing a reactive design intelligence dedicated to the service of the public. Amorphica's projects involve social-spacial experimentation through the praxis of academia and the built environment.

In the professional world, Amorphica has been involved in the design and conception of several buildings ranging from institutional to commercial and residential. Amorphica's focus is the conception of morphogenic urban spaces with the fundamental target of provoking educational environments.

In academia, Amorphica has been part of the curricula of several Institutions of higher learning in the region of Southern California and Northern Baja California both in undergraduate as well as graduate departments. By being exposed to the extreme conditions/sensibilities of our region we have a never-resting appetite to discover and explore new possibilities of rehabilitation and re-generation to our cities and sites south of the border, not to mention a thirst for the de-artificialization of the Cities north of the border. In this journey of discovery, we have the opportunity to guide, instruct, observe and most importantly listen to the problems of these various cities. Amorphica believes in a laboratory scenario where urban and not so urban problems can be extensively exposed and by nature, our nature, solve as hyper-reactively/sensibly/humanistically as possible.

Amorphica believes in a provocation-laboratory scenario where urban and not so urban problems can be extensively exposed and by nature, solve in a hyper- reactively manner with conscious awareness to city, community and human specificities.

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