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Having been born and raised in the land of one of the world’s oldest civilizations (Syria), I have always believed that the world is a stunning film set and my life is an epic “true story”. My relentless pursuit of perfection led me to a Fine Art qualification at Arab International University, in Damascus. The titanic upheaval my country is going through gave me a front-row seat to see humanity at its best and at its worst, which inspires my work in motion graphics, animation, 3D design, conceptual art, compositing and much more.

At 27, I believe I still have many undiscovered talents and I passionately experiment in diverse fields like unconventional photography and water colors, sketches and illustrations. My current job at a leading digital media boutique agency in Dubai has taught me how to finely balance the artistic and commercial aspects of animation and filmmaking, which is crucial for a viable career in cinema. My unquenchable thirst for artistic knowledge will see me pursuing advanced studies in conceptual art and filmmaking, to further my lifelong dream of putting the region on the global map of cinema.

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