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As a child, Amy's older brothers used to tease her that she had a twin sister. They told her this so much that she began to believe it. From an early age, she played the part of herself and her twin sister displaying many different emotions and characters - hence the actress was born.

As the years went by, she did come to the realization that she was not a twin, but her passion for the arts intensified and her imagination never settled. She was constantly involved in community and school theatre as well as several dance classes.

In Junior High, Amy won the top acting award from her class and knew that she wanted to pursue this as a career and convinced her parents to get her an agent. It was from that point on that she started acting professionally.

She is a native of Chicago who is now transplanted in Los Angeles. You can often see her hiking through Griffith Park or reinacting bollywood skits.

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  1. so proud to be a part of your work- it's fantastic!! i've been good.. how's all in india?? when are we making our next movie??? :)
  2. thanks for watching!!