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Ian Sun, is the founder of TorontoRED.org, a user group for RED ONE camera owners .
Ian is a Filmmaker, editor, writer, and proud owner of a RED ONE. Having experienced the paradigm shift that is the RED ONE 35mm Digital Cinema camera, he has been reborn as a Digital Cinema evangelist. Ian speaks about the power of the RAW motion image and the possibilities of RED Code workflows. He speaks in detail about methods to integrate the inevitable shift to data centric workflows into the battle hardened tape based post environments.
As a filmmaker, Ian’s body of work includes Drama, Documentary, Commercials, and Music Videos shot on 16mm and 35mm film, Tape and now RED. He has won the Canadian Reggae music award for best video and has been nominated for a Juno.
Ian is the CEO of the Production and Post production facility Anansi Moving Images Inc, that delivers end to end RED Projects.

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  1. Beautiful stuff. My wife is from Dominica, I'm headed there with my Epic this year. I hope to share something as delightful.