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Andrea Bonini was born in Verona in 1985.
He has displayed remarkable accademic distinction and graduated with the highest score at the Interior Design
Institute “Palladio” in Verona.In June 2010, he graduated from Istituto Marangoni,Milan. At Marangoni, he attended a
master course program in product design. During the masters he took part in a multitude of different project events in
collaboration with companies such as Technogym, Diamantini e Domeniconi, United Pets, Ducati and IIda Phone. All
of these experiences have generated positive feedbacks and job opportunities with some of the mentioned brands.
Currently, Andrea collaborates as designer figure with the “Design Bakery” architecture studio owned by Roberto
Leone in Verona.He operates within the retail design field and he is in charge of designing stores for leading clothing
companies..His tasks are to
follow up interior design and product design projects, thus dealing with important luxury design brands.
In the meantime, he still works as creative director and designer for the Diamante design brand, which produces
furnishing accessories. And he also collaborates with the Lorenzo Palmeri Design studio in milan.
in 2012 foundend the andrea bonini | designer studio of interior and product design, during the salone del mobile 2012 Andrea present your interior fornitur collection for the italian brand DOLFI.


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