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I am a filmmaker and an Assistant Director. I also have experience working as video editor and continuity advisor. I am imaginative and creative and able to visualise concepts in order to bring them to life. I am good at generating ideas that can be practically translated from concept into a film. I am used to working as part of a team collaborating together in order to attain the best possibile results. I work well under pressure and to deadlines and have strong organisational and co-ordination skills. I have good communication, people and planning skills and am comfortable managing groups of people. I am extremely passionate about TV, cinema, theatre, arts and travelling. I would describe myself as a determined person full of energy, passion and drive. I am also an experienced actor and contemporary dancer.
Equipment: Canon 5D Mark III. Canon EF 24-105mm f/4. Canon EF 50mm f/1.4. Tripod. External Microphone.
Technical Skills: I am proficient in the use of computers both in terms of operating systems and many computer applications (Maya, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Premiere After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Autocad, Final Cut, DVD Studio Pro etc.). I am experienced in editing, post-production and 3d animation. I can shoot on DV and HDV cameras. I speak Italian as it is my native language.

Employment History – Cinema/TV

Stills Photographer, “Rose”, short movie, by Macéo Bhardwaj March 2014

1st Assistant director, “Power Loss”, short movie, by Daniel Everitt-Lock Feb. 2014
Assist the director and the DOP during the filming. Organising the crew and help on set.

Director - Video Editor, "Selfish Love", short movie, directed by A. Gambadoro
June 2012 - Sept. 2013
Analysis of the script working close to the writer. Decision of the style of the short movie and of the crew. Organization of the shooting schedule. Directing the movie. Video Editing and post production. Selected for LKFF 2014.

1st Assistant Director, "Bob", short movie, directed by A. Pilade June - October 2012
Close collaboration with the director to decide style of the short and camera angles on set. Direction of the actors.

Assistant Producer for Jacuzzi Film Sept - Oct. 2010

1st Assistant director, “Sacco di Pulci”, short movie, by G. Bruno Sept. – Oct. 2009
My responsibilities included detailed analysis of the script and organising all logistics associated with the shooting of this film. I decided locations, actors, organised the shooting schedule, running order and day journal. I wrote the programme for each day and the call sheet. I contributed to the creative process by giving suggestions to the director during the shooting. I was also responsible for the extras and their positions and movement during the filming.

1st Assistant director and Continuity Advisor, “2012 punto zero”, Apr – July 2009
full length movie, directed by G. Bruno
For this film I analysed the script to verify continuity. Working to the the script I was responsible for the casting of all actors, sets, location research, logistics and crew required for this production. I organised the shooting period and decided the shooting sequence for each scene.

Continuity Advisor, “Fidati di Me”, tv Series, directed by Gianni Lepre Rai
Oct. – Dec. 2007
I kept track of the quantity of film on the camera and where it was stored in the warehouse. I wrote the day journal and critiqued each shoot to determine whether or not it was good. I kept detailed notes for every shoot to assist the editors (e.g. technical characteristic of the shoot, main movement of the actors, what the director liked or disliked, noted all mistakes). I was responsible for the continuity of the movie regarding scenes, costumes, movement and speech of the actors, lighting, etc. I collaborated with the director to help maintain continuity. I was the key point of contact for the editors, producers, directors, costume and set designers for continuity purposes.

Employment History – Theatre

Assistant Director, “Terra Matta”, theatre play, directed by V. Pirrotta TSC
Feb – Apr. 2009
I assisted and supported the director with every aspect of this play: warm up of the company at the beginning of the rehearsal; worked with the actors on the physical work required during the play; kept detailed notes to assist both director, actors and choreographer. I also assisted the light designer during the light design. I observed the play and kept notes to maintain the quality of the production.

Own Short Films
“In Consideration of Cats”, promo for a book. In Production. March 2014 - Now
“Little Glass Ornaments”, short film. 13’23’’ Apr. 2009 – Jan. 2010
The film was selected for exhibition at the "Artelesia Film" and "L'altro Corto" festivals.
Generated the concept and idea for the movie. Reduction from the original book. Wrote the script. Created the choreography of the movie. Casting actors. Research of the locations. Shooting of the movie. Directed the shooting. Editing. Post-production (audio and video). Export of the movie. Creation of the dvd.
“Barbablù” (Blue Beard), 3’53’’ June 2009
Promo for the play of the same name. On the strength of this promo, the theatre company was selected to compete in the competition “Corti Teatrali 2009”, Catania.
Shooting of the movie during a rehearsal. Creation of the idea for a promo. Editing and Post-Production.
“Tataboom”, short film, 3’54’’ Sept. 2007 – May 2008
The film was selected and won the special mention of the jury at the “Festival del Cinema D’Arte”, Bergamo, Italy.
Generated the concept for the movie. Created the choreography of the movie. Casting actors. Research of the locations. Shooting of the movie. Directed the shooting. Editing. Post-production (audio and video). Creation of the dvd.
“Mattino di Gennaio” (January Morning), short film. 8’46’’ Jan. – March 2008
Generated the concept and idea for the movie. Wrote the script. Shooting of the movie. Directed the shooting. Editing. Post-production (audio and video). Export of the movie. Creation of the dvd.
“Robberto”, short film, 10’51” June - July 2007
This film was selected for exhibition at the Turin GLBT Film Festival 2007.
Generated the concept and idea for the movie. Wrote the script. Casting actors. Research of the locations. Shooting of the movie. Directed the shooting. Editing. Post-production (audio and video). Export of the movie. Creation of the dvd.

Education and Training
2014 Filmmaker workshop at Raindance Film School.
Covering of all the aspect of the production for the production of an independent short movie. Concept, writing, filming and distribution.
2008 Filmmaker workshop with Artur Aristakisyan.
Techniques to realise a documentary. Analisys of a documentary. Use of a camera. Creation of a project. Experiences in leading a team. Editing and exporting.
2007 Teaching Diploma in computer science, University of Catania.
Pedagogy. Psychology. Teaching teqniques. Workshops for teaching and introduce a lesson.
2004 Degree in Computer Science, University of Catania. Score of 110/110 with honours.
Analysis. Mathematics. Physics. Computer Science. Operating Systems. Laboratories on different programming languages: C++, Java, Fortran, Scheme and so forth. Algorithms and Programming
2003 Diploma in Dramatic Arts, “Teatro Stabile” of Catania.
Acting. Diction. Dance. Singing. History of the Theatre. Set Design. Make up.
2003 Course in 3d graphics, ANFE, Catania.
Geometrical Drawing. 2D and 3D space. Autocad. English. Security on working places.
2002 Workshop in cinema criticism and film analysis.
Analysis of a movie. Criticism of a movie.
2001 Workshop in editing, post production and 3D animation.
Editing. Post-Production. Special Effects. 3d animation.
1999 Diploma in acting from the theatre school “Teatro degli Specchi”, Catania.
1997 Diploma (Secondary School) in Electronics. Grades 60/60.
Italian. History. Geography. Electronics. Telecommunications. Electrical Engineering. Physics. Sciences. Mathematics. English. Chemistry.
Other Employment History and Training
During the period 1997 – 2012 I worked regularly as an actor and in contemporary dance both in TV and theatre. I have also undertaken professional training in these fields.
I have also worked as a secondary school teacher teaching computer science and maths and have worked as a technician at ST Microelectronics, Catania.

2008 “Special Mention of the Jury” at the “Festival del Cinema d’Arte 2008” (Bergamo, Italy) for my short movie “Tataboom”.

Sports and Hobbies
Contemporary Dance (Nikolais), Tango, Swimming, Rowing, Gymnastics, Skating, Ice Skating, Skiing, Juggling. Basic abilities in jazz singing, piano and violin.

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