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So I suppose I should say a little about myself. I am the spawn of a fairly famous theater Director (Tibor Feheregyhazi...Google him) and a well respected Journalist (Rosalie Woloski.) The only reason this means anything, is from them I learned to do what you love doing, do it well, and nothing else matters.

I come from a fine arts background myself, but have always dabbled in the realm of video. 4 years ago I decided to make film making my career. I'm completely self taught...well as self taught as you can be with all the great free online tutorials you can get these days.

I care about telling good stories. Up until this summer I primarily told stories through video (I'll upload a few in the near future) but this summer decided I'd try my hand at animating, because I had a story that needed to be told that way, thus "The Anglerpod" was born.

I know my animation is pretty crude and simple, but I'll hopefully improve the more I do.

Anyway hope you enjoy.
Andrei Feheregyhazi

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