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Born and raised on a small island between Finland and Sweden called The Aaland Islands (Åland). Moved to Sweden in 2005.

I got in to videography in school and have been shooting video back and forth. From 2009 and forward I've been more into making and publishing videos on YouTube and got a small fanbase there and trying to get better and better. These are primarily shoot with POS-cameras and ContourHD 1080p and ROAM 2 mixed together.

I do all my editing in Final Cut Pro X.

I've been into photography basically all my life and been running my own company (side business) since 2008. In 2013 I bought myself a Canon 5D Mark II and have been shooting video with it ever since.

I work in IT and when I'm not at work or at home with my family I'm probably outdoors hiking.

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