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Andretti Dante (born April 3, 1979 in San Antonio, TX) is an American screenwriter and film director. He graduated from film school at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. After graduation Andretti went on to work for Fox News in San Antonio, TX where he became a key member in the San Antonio Spurs pre-game and post game shows, as well as directed numerous local commercials. Andretti left Fox News to focus more on film making, where he then moved to Southern California, and within a years time of been there he directed over a dozen music videos, wrote, directed, and produced multiple intertnet shows (Muzik Nation and Urban Legendz). Andretti also wrote, produced, and directed his first straight to dvd feature film called “Streetz Keep Callin Me”. Andretti currently has many feature films in development or post production "One Wrong Move", "EXIT 13", "The Religion", and "Book Of 1,000 Deaths".

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