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Portland, OR

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Andrew interned for The AMMS Talent Agency in Vancouver Mall performing on-stage and on-camera. After, landed several principle roles such as "Steven"-"Confessionals"-NW Actor Showcase-(Polluted Pictures), "Street Auction Bidder"-"Deep Dark"-(2014 Feature-Polluted Picts/Vitamin M), "Schlitz"-"Let's Bury The Hatchet(Deep In Your Face)"-(Feature Film), "Paramedic"-Leverage TV Series working with Christan Kane(5x11-"Low Low Price Job"). Trained under Jesse Lee Vint (III) and The Portland Film Actors Studio both in Portland, OR. Have been cast in Student films, Music Video, Commercial as well. "I didn't merely buy my way into SAG/AFTRA BEFORE the Unions merged" Andrew D. Ford - Actor

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