Andrew Fox Smith

New Orleans + Washington D.C.

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Washington D.C. and New Orleans based:

Editor, Cinematographer, Filmmaker

I began making films after buying a camera in July 2013. My approach to filmmaking is often very versatile, stylistically wandering to all sorts of different dimensions and realms.

M A V L A S T (2013)

S H A D E (2013)

B L O O M (2014)



  1. nabil elderkin
  2. Leon Veenendaal
  3. New Candys
  4. espooz
  5. samadhi production
  6. Hiro Murai
  7. brian aiken
  8. david m. helman
  9. Jordan Kim
  10. Josh Soskin
  11. Jonny Look
  12. Eddie O'KEEFE
  13. Lars Olsen
  14. Ilia Fouladvand
  15. Scott Cooper
  16. Becky Varni
  17. Eliot Rausch
  18. JJ Winlove

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