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I graduated from Ryerson University for Radio and Television Arts. While at Ryerson I focused heavily on the digital media stream including animation, video/audio editing, and writing for digital platforms. To supplement my classes at Ryerson and further develop my animation skillset, I enrolled in several relevant art courses at Emily Carr University and VanArts College of Art & Design in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Stop-motion has always captivated me and I have devoted myself to unravelling the mystery's it holds. In my final year of Ryerson I directed/wrote/animated a stop-motion short called The Meek, The Mad and The Misinformed. This film has since won three different awards including Ryerson's presidents award of excellence, been featured in the OIAF, Montreal Stop Motion Fest, and the New York Film Archive, and has had two online articles written on it.

Motion Graphics have always intrigued me. I have created a lot of motion graphics over the years for various independent films, architecture firms, companies such as Shoppers Drugmart and JTI, and television networks such as Teletoon, MTV, W network, OWN, YTV and Spark.

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