Andrew Keresztes

Film and Television Producer

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My surname may not sound like it but I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I have Hungarian blood. So, I could have grown up in Chernivsti. Or Bucharest. Or even Reykjavik. When you think about it, it’s as arbitrary as Melbourne. Long story short, I didn’t. But I have traveled, lived and discovered the world and its people.

As I navigate my way through life, certain images leave an indelible legacy. From flamboyant political figures to new imperatives in popular culture, from imaginative brands to vibrant art, they all stir a curiosity in me. Expressing it through images is a passion that I continue to experience and explore in my everyday life.


  1. Alice Glenn
  2. Rokkit
  3. Emma Buglisi
  4. Aimée-Lee X Curran
  5. Claire Evans - Tin Whistle Films