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I am 20 and going to Vancouver FIlm School. I love Film and VFX and have been filming since i was young and Compositing and Modeling since I was 17. There is nothing more I rather do with my life than this. I have knowledge in Nuke, Maya, and Houdini along with basic scripting skills in Python. My Goal for my career is an FX TD but really as long as I get to do VFX I am open to anything.
For me, VFX and Film are about creating an emotion and story. The Film and Live Action create the foundation of the emotion and Story and my job as a VFX Artist is to help amplify both those properties. Every shot you do as a VFX Artist has two things to think about First: What is the story this shot tells? then Two: How do I make the shot look sweet without distracting from the idea? As a VFX artist, when we do our jobs right people won't think we have done anything at all.

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