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Austin, New York City, Addis

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Seeds is a music production group making quality music for films and commercials.

We encourage collaborations no matter the distance, and work closely with filmmakers to best fulfill their visions.


  1. Matt Rutherford
  2. Tribeca Film Institute
  3. Meridian Content
  4. Emile Bokaer
  5. SocDoc Studios
  6. Local Projects
  7. Michael Lim
  8. Mina T. Son
  9. Paul Donatelli
  10. François Mathey
  11. RJ Evans
  12. Those Who Make
  13. The Film Artist
  14. Mathieu Foucher
  15. Ted Gore
  16. Chris Zimmerman
  17. Andy Newman
  18. Caleb & Shawn

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