Angelo David Collazo

Burlington, NJ

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Angelo Collazo is a multi-faceted 3D artist. Over the last 5 years, he has worked on a plethora of media, including but not limited to: the hit movie "Rio" (2011), the TV movie "Little Spirit" (2008), the Nick Jr. TV show "Team UmiZoomi", and TV commercials such as Michelin, Fanta, AT&T, PopTarts, and many more. Angelo can serve your studio in many capacities: rigging, scripting, 3D modeling, U.V. mapping, texturing, pre-vising, animating, motion graphics and video editing. He is a School of Visual Arts alumnus, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (2009). Angelo is a team-player and will not stop until your project crosses the finish line.

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