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  1. videodrome-XL

    videodrome-XL PRO Roma


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    XL è nato il 25 agosto 2005. Il mensile del quotidiano la Repubblica dedicato a musica, cinema, letteratura, arte, toys, fumetto, games, tecnologia, viaggi, cucina, moda e molto altro ancora. Scrivici qui: feedback@xelle.it

  2. Yaniv Fridman

    Yaniv Fridman Plus Mexico City


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    Hi! I am a motion and graphic designer, graduate from the digital design program at Vancouver Film School. I'm currently living in Mexico City and I'm available for freelance. For more information visit www.yanivfridman.com or contact me at mail@yanivfridman.com

  3. Guido Benedetto
  4. Francesco Paciocco

    Francesco Paciocco Plus New York, NY


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    director of films and brand content twitter.com/fpaciocco

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