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ANGLE is an audiovisual project deep-rooted in previous experiments dealing with 3D architectural mapping. 3D mapping is a video technique applied to a chosen structure (a building or object) that through video-projection realises a perfect correspondence between it's shapes and the images projected onto it, and creates a surreal transformation of the base object.
Modern technology used in animation allows the recreation of striking effects using 3D visual movements, which guarantees a full immersion experience for the audience by combining visual effects together with perfectly synchronised audio.
ANGLE's first step is called TETRA 01, with a 3D mapping on a self-supporting isostatic structure, which is a modular structure made up of triangles that have junctions at their vertices. Architecturally triangles are non-deformable figures, even if vertices of the structure are junctions.
ANGLE's visual project is produced by the same staff that have already collaborated on other 3D mapping projects: Piero Fragola (also in We Love - Bpitch Control, professor at LABA and Istituto Europeo di Design), and Thomas Pizzinga(studying for their degree, but with experience in video art).
All the songs, synchronised to the video images, are composed and produced by Piero Fragola. ANGLE music varies between Dub and Dubstep grooves with elements of Techno and House music thrown in, together with vocals and melodies they add Soul to the mix. Dub music has naturally broken rhythm patterns that lend themselves well to visual representation, and the project is brought to life by the soulful elements that evoke emotion.
The project explores different kinds of musical genres, and this juxtaposition of sounds and images all blend to create an original and engrossing experience.

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