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Angus Thomas is an award-winning portrait photographer & wedding photographer with a wide range of experience in corporate and wedding photography. His ability to capture decisive and intimate moments with discretion has earned him the respect & trust of both sitters and booking agents. Angus is one of the UK’s leading specialists in location photography using small flash. The majority of his work is lit which has enabled him to work under any conditions in any location. He started out as a family portrait & wedding photographer and now specialises in wedding and corporate photography shooting major names throughout the UK.

As a portrait photographer Angus’s style is contemporary with an eye to the traditional. His collaborative approach produces leading edge images whether reportage or portraiture. He is a great addition to any team and above all brings a “can do” approach to all his projects. He revels in the privilege of being an integral part of the client’s project.

On a personal level, Angus is pretty middle of the road with subversive edges. He is resident photographer and Creative Developer for The Business Magazine – check out the Entrepreneur Profiles section for some of his work. When editing, he is bouncing between Screamo Metal (Yashin), classical music (Arvo Part), Heavy Rock (Alter Bridge) and Drum & Bass (Phaeleh), to name but a few. When looking for inspiration he reads Charlotte Joko Beck and for quiet Angus heads to Amaravati. For guidance in business he is inspired by Seth Godin and for sanity he is passionate about Anusara Yoga. He lives in Berkshire with his wife, sometimes 3 children, 2 stepsons and various chickens (subject to the appetite of the local fox).