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Animate Projects is the only agency in the UK to champion experiments in animation.
Here are a selection of the animated films and interviews that we've produced in the past 7 years.

You can watch all of our 340+ videos and artist's interviews on

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  1. claudiamate
  2. The Photographers' Gallery
  3. Alys Scott Hawkins
  4. Eyeworks Festival
  5. ori toor
  6. Not To Scale
  7. Dazed
  8. Andy Lomas
  9. The Brothers McLeod
  10. jonrafman
  11. Juan Soto
  12. Stephanie Thandi Johnstone
  13. Eimhin McNamara
  14. UHAnimation - Hertfordshire Uni
  15. Yukai Du (Doralice)
  16. Factory Fifteen
  17. Nicos Livesey
  18. Andrea Luka Zimmerman

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