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Dortmund, Germany

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[aniYo kore] 2 human experimantal band from Dortmund, Germany. we create self made drums from to sample into the mpc 2000xl. no more quantization these days. then we dub various lo-fi instruments (cheap keys, guitars and whatever) over the drumloop, which is later exchanged by a drum-set dub over in relation to the (mostly) onetime-takes of the various instruments. once the beat is done we will write a song to it. the arrangement is in a "less is more" kind of fashion, we rather take things out and put little manipulation highlights on the pre recorded sounds.later mixed on a STUDER963, the sound can reach its full potential, so we (if financially possible) transfer it to vinyl in a 12 track double Lp fashion. we feel that this way, the listener can get the most longliving and highquality product for himself to enjoy. in short: we do it all day everyday, full creative control, with all our heart and more to come...

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