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Sao Paulo - Brazil

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"The illustrations by Anna Anjos allude to the fantastic, the illusory. They are so colorful and lively, and honestly playful, that they seem to bring us into our own childhood. The Anna Anjos from São Paulo is an artist with her feet on the ground. Like a child who has just discovered an enchanted world, she plunges her hands into the paint and fills the blank paper with all colors. And, this way, she also fills our hearts. She is in her natural environment, a world ready to be drawn with all the imagination. She has her head in the clouds, dreaming, dancing, laughing. It is the passion that drives her. Through colors, shapes, fantasy.

Since little Anna Anjos had contact with drawings. Her father, as a self-taught illustrator, brought her increasing attention to pencils and brushes. She decided to follow the career of illustrator, make a living from her passion. And today, with a doodle here and there, she is printing her ideas on paper, and later on they go into windows, fabrics, campaigns. Her creativity reaches some important markets such as the advertising, editorial and fashion ones, with great authenticity and fun.
Like any self-respecting Brazilian, Anna Anjos must have samba on her foot, if not in her soul. But the notes do not just shake her body; they reach her ideas. It's the music that the artist claims to be her inspiration all the time, especially the Brazilian music. She works to the tune of Siba e a Fuloresta, Mestre Ambrósio, Tom Zé, Nação Nation, Secos e Molhados, Novos Baianos, Otto, among others.

She has a striking tone, but gentle, sweet, almost childlike. Anna is an artist with a yellow-green Brazilian soul who plunges into a watercolor of possibilities. She likes culture, myth, stories, tales, fairies, but she especially likes people. And her art goes to them, when the artist returns from trips she does into her private and enchanted creation process."

(Text by Rejane Borges to Obvious)

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