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As a thinker committed to abstraction, concept, and visual composition, I have long been attracted to the line dividing dance and visual art. My dances fall towards structurally avant guard, sculptural, experiential, and installation work, reversely, stays near to a physical, bodily cusp.

The work I am pursuing is both conceptual and folk, or rather, postfolk; aimed to infuse an atmosphere with a set of ideas, though made from the detailed, careful, and often improvisational material of folk arts. It is intended for the people, though with an exchange relevant to the current technological culture and it’s normative social distances. It is an essentialization of the desirability of dance as both a medium and a communal experience, focusing on the current human hunger for liveness and healthy corporeal exchange. Now is a time when bodily happenings and kinesthetic information are finding a renewed contemporary uniqueness and dependability.

My work draws from observation, placing emphasis on details that may otherwise be overlooked. Often in a quiet shade of energy and at a pace where one can key into ones surroundings, the intention is to offer the audience opportunity for introspection and notice the softly offered motives of the work. Easing the understanding of one’s own vessel, and subsequently others’. I, further, hope never to overlook enjoyment.

Anna Marie Shogren is a native Minneapolitan come Brooklyn based artist/dancer. Her dances have been shown in NY/Brooklyn with Danspace DraftWork, Movment Research at Judson Church, AUNTS, Catch!, DNA, Dixon Place, Gowanus Ballroom, St. Cecilia’s Convent, the Good Gadfly; in Minneapolis at The Walker Art Center, Southern Theater, Red Eye Theater, Bryant Lake Bowl Theater, and further. Installation work has been shown at Center for Contemporary Art Sacramento, Thomas Hunter Project Space at Hunter College, Loft 594, Fowler Art Collective, and the Flux Factory.  She has performed with the Body Cartography Project, Yanira Castro, Morgan Thorson, Karen Sherman, Cynthia Stephens, Faye Driscoll, Megan Byrne, Justin Jones, Laurie Van Wieren, Chris Schlichting, and others. Her design work includes costuming for choreographers Morgan Thorson, Benn Rasmussen, Katie Rose McLaughlin.  Shogren studied at the University of Minnesota where she received a BFA in dance and a minor in art, graduating in 2005. She was voted the 2008 City Pages (Mpls) Dancer of the Year and is a two time Sage Award (Mpls) nominee. In 2010 she received a fellowship for a residency in Skagastrond, Iceland at the Nes Artist Residency. She works with the Brooklyn based art collective, Non Solo, whose work has been presented many places around NY, and throughout the West Coast. Her performance writing has been published with the Le Poison Rouge Arts and Culture Blog, InDigest Magazine, and Critical Correspondence, and currently with NY Arts Magazine. Her work, "Isolation Isn't Inconspicuous", is soon to be published in the SDHS Journal;Conversations in the Field of Dance Studies.  

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