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Buenos dias.
We are Anorak, a creative digital agency that build clever things for the internet.

We, at Anorak, employ like-minded people who are both creative and technically minded. All multi-disciplined, all at the forefront of the latest innovations in their fields and all with a desire to push the boundaries.

We’re creative technologists.

Where are we?
We are in two places, most of us, work out of a photographic studio just outside of London in the South East of England – Some open space, lots of light, gadgets lying around, and creative people doing creative things – just the way we like it.

The rest are on the other side of the globe in the South East of Australia, Melbourne. We’ll come on to why in a minute.

Why the name?
In British slang an anorak (pronounced ˈænəræk’) is a person who has a very strong interest, perhaps obsessive, in niche subjects.
That’s us in a nutshell.

We have a very strong interest in the Internet and are obsessed with learning the technologies that exist around it.

What we do?
We’re primarily a creative agency but understand building sustainable businesses online. We help build digitally driven businesses. We can provide a one-stop full cycle solution from concept to design through build and onto marketing.

Our key disciplines include:
Strategic Consulting,
Visual Identity,
User Experience,
Web Technology and
Content Creation

We build clever things for the Internet.

Why do we do it?
The Internet is everywhere: at work, at home and in our pockets completely integrated with our lives. We really enjoy it.

We love it.

We genuinely want to produce great products with great subject matter including great content. Why? Because we want to enjoy them and we figure if we like it, you’ll like it too.

What’s our goal?
1) To make money; obviously it’s our job.
2) To have fun and meet girls.
3) We want to make a mark, legends live on and all that. If we could improve peoples experience online, push the boundaries of available technologies to provide a service on the Internet, which in turn makes a difference in the real world, that we be pretty good too.

What sets us apart?
We are honest.
We are multi-disciplined.
We have a thirst for knowing new technologies.
We work hard.
We enjoy it.
We are well connected. We have a big contact book.
We work 24 hours / day.

Anorak will not sleep until your project is complete. Using the time difference between London and Melbourne, our Australian team will carry on working while we are tucked up in bed. It’s a great feeling to arrive at the studio in the morning to find a project nearly complete.

We are creative at heart and social in a world bought closer together by the web, we believe in conversation, honesty, progression and accountability.

"Anorak. Not just cool, Super cool. Not just highly creative but highly commercial. A serious player with a rare mixture of skills. It’s the first time I’ve worked with a production company that has both highly creative skill sets mixed with strategic and commercial disciplines. Highly recommended.”
Steve Burns – CEO, 3SM

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