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Iceland / Belgium

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Director, Choreographer, visual artist, dancer,Film- & Videomaker
Reykjavik, Iceland - Antwerp, Belgium
this.is/helena (web page last updated 2004)

Tímar/ Episodes - Dance performance
Trailer @ youtube "EPISODES by Helena Jonsdottir"

Company: Hproduction

Helena Jonsdottir studied at the National Theatre Ballet School of Iceland, with additional studies at Alvin Ailey, New York.  She has performed in and choreographed countless productions for television, film, music videos and the stages. In 2010 did Helena the opening for the Art Festival in Reykjavik at the Reykjavik Art Museum with part of her new project “Green room project”. Helena has also written,choreographed and directed many choreographic films, including "Breaking voices” for Art Festival in Reykjavik 2002 with ÍD (Icelandic Dance Company) one of 10 Moving North project with the film "While the cats away” and then "Zimmer" which won the IV. Videotanzpreis 2003/2004 of SK Stiftung Kultur in Cologne and her latest film "Another” in collaboration with Estonia ETV, Arte, YLE, SVT, DR, ZDF, NRK,DR (more info this.is/helena).
She is recognized internationally for her work in Scandinavia, UK and USA and was nominated in Los Angeles 2001 as the best choreographer at the Music Video Production Association Awards in LA and won the Grand Prix at the Cinessonne Film Festival in Paris, France 2006. After her dance theatre work "Open Source" won the first prize at the first Icelandic Dance Theatre Awards in June 2003, since then Helena has developed further "Open Source” and made an Irish version of it, which was premiered at the Galway Art Festival and Ghent Art Festival in Belgium 2004.First Icelandic – Irish collaboration with Galway Art Festival established as Ireland´s leading art festival in tis 32 year history. (galwayartsfestival.com/)
There for Helena created a new full-length version of "Open Source" an Icelandic versions for the Iceland Dance Company at the Reykjavik City Theatre in 2005 and spring 2007 "Open Source" opened the Guangdong modern dance festival in China and that version will be performed at the Reykjavik City Theatre autumn 2007 then it went to Brussels, Belgium performing at the BOZAR a selection one of two of Icelandic dance work to present under the name of Icelandic culture presented in Belgium trough out that year, The Icelandic Minsitry for foreign affairs and culture.
In 2009 a part of exhibition “Freeze” project in Alaska (freezeproject.org/) organized by the Alaska Design Forum and the International Gallery of Contemporary Art, other visual art projects like Hinterland in UK is a collection of artists projects which primarily take place along the banks of the River Trent in Nottingham. The initiative was launched in September 2006 curated by Jennie Syson, then part of contemporary art - traveling exhibitions "100 artist see god" touring exibition around the world such as - ICA London, Institute of Contemporary Arts,Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, CA curated by John Baldessari and Meg Cranston. Beside of the creative projects Helena teaches at the Art academy of Iceland and at the Icelandic film school among giving lectures and workshops abroad such as University of dance in Stockholm, Sverige and The University of Ulster in Ireland.

2013 - 14 Tímar / Episodes, Icelandic Dance Company selected best performance by the national broadcasting service (Iceland), nominated by the press as one of the best performance of the year 2013
2006 1 prize, best short film at the Cinessonne Film Festival Paris, France.
2006 The dance film Another selected into the International Short Film Festival Clermont Ferrand international short-film festival, Festival du Court Metrage de Clermont-Ferrand
2005 Selected best dance short film 2005 Another by ARTE, Germany
2003/04 1 prize, winner of the Deutsche Videotanzpreis 2003/2004, SK Stiftung Kultur Cologne Germany
2003 1 prize of the Icelandic dance-theatre awards 2003 of the Icelandic Dance Company and Reykjavik City Theatre for short version of ,,Open Source”
2002 1 prize /Selected for the 10 Nordic Dance for Camera, Nordic countries 2002/2003, producer Barok Film Moving North, Ten Short Dance Films
2001 Nominated one of 4 choreographers at the Music Video Production Association, Los Angeles - for the best choreography in a music video B.R.A at the MVPA in Los Angeles. Production Company - Hammer and Tongs, London UK, director Garth Jennings.
2000 Runner up at The Reykjavik Short Film Festival Iceland

LAST YEARS - Selection of projects
2013/15 T´MAR / EPISODES dance performance Premier 2013 Icelandic Dance Company, Belgium Version Dancing Poaznan 2014, Ice Hot Oslo 2014.
2012/13 "GONE " director, choreographer, script collaborating with Vera Solvadottir, short film / physical cinema, premier 2013
2012 Concert Art director and video installation for the well known choir Fóstbræður for “Sálumessa” at Langholtskirkja (nov.2010 and nov. 2012)
2012 “Perfect Arthur” of the series Perfect humans 2nd of 3 a video installation
part of Green room project
2011 Green room project, premier of full evening stage-perfomance, working in Hammerfest with local artist´s and one Icelandic dancer including local choir.
2011/12 Artistic director of Icelandic pop-up dance museum at Tjarnar theatre
2011 Choreographer version of "Rite of spring" Reykjavik Dance Festival
2011 Artistic director Physical Cinema festival at the Reykjavik Dance Festival
2011 Choreographer “IO” in collaboration with Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson, 6 pairs commissioned of RUV The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service and Reykjavik Art Festival. Broadcasted at RUV 2012
2010 Director of full evening concert with Fostbraedur a choir of 70 males at the church Langholtskirkja Reykjavik Iceland
2010 Opening at the Tjarnar Theatre Reykjavik Iceland, Video Installation "Perfect Fridgeir" also running during the 5th Kedja.net the Nordic dance conference/festival.
2010 Choreographer/artistic director "Disa ljosalfur" musical by Pall Baldvin Baldvinsson
2010 Opening act at the Reykjavik Art Festival "Green room project" Performance installation in the Reykjavik Art Museum.
2009/11 Lectures/Workshops at: Danshogskolan DOCH Stockholm Sverige, Kedja.net in Umeo Sverige and Oslo Norway, SHOOT Modernadansteatre Stockholm Sverige
2009 Freeze project, Anchorage Museum Alaska. Alaska Design Forum
and the International Gallery of Contemporary Art. HJ collaborating
with Studio Granda as design team from Iceland.
2009 Workshop/lectures in collaboration with Heltec and Zodiac with the
Loikka dance film festival in Helsinki. HJ Physical cinema artistic leading in the 3 step lectures, workshops/courses for Loikka
2008 Choreographer for music video for Irene Nelson Russia "Sunrise”
2008 Workshops/lectures in collaboration with Modernadansteatre,
Danshogskolan DOCH and Dans in Nord. Stockholm, Gothenburg, Luleo and Malmo Sverige
2008 Choreographer for "Skilabodaskjodan" National Theatre of Iceland
2007 Choreographer for commercials Winterfresh and Fusion for Wrigley's Production company from Poland collaborating with Republic Iceland
2007-08 “Open Source” Dance Theatre with the Icelandic Dance Company,
opening act in China, May and City Theatre October 2007. And at the Bozar iin Brussels Belgium, spring 2008
2007 Jury member (Category Arts Documentary & Performing Arts) at the major television awards The “Rose dor” Festival. Global television festival in Lucerne, Switzerland.- Best of the year's new entertainment and television programming
2007 "Another" at the 35th Annual Dance on Screen Festival, NY USA
2007 "Zimmer" at EMPAC Rensselaer, NY USA. Dance Movies 6
2007 "Now/Núna" Art festival Winnipeg, Canada. Dance film "Zimmer" by HJ
2007-13 1 year of 6 years plan, Icelandic dance/choreography in 60 years,
a documentary by HJ, work in progress.
2007 Physical cinema - Moving image workshop for the Icelandic Art Academy and the Icelandic Dance Company.
2007 "Another" dance film at the Lincoln Center, DFA NY USA.
2007 Artistic director/Choreographer for the University Dance Company,
premier "True stories" @ Tjarnar Theatre Reykjavik Iceland
2006-07 Artistic director/choreographer of the University of Iceland dance company and founder with Margret Anna Einarsdottir.
2006-10 Following up the dance short film "Another" invitation to selected film festivals
2006 "Another" dance film at the 48. Nordic film days Lubeck Film festival in Germany.
2006-10 Making dance short film “What is Sam Shepard doing nowadays”
Swedish collaboration supported by Nordscen a collaboration with swedish artist´s Lars Bethke and Irene Kraus.
2006 Director for concert “Fabula” Icelandic pop/jazz group
2006 A Installation video "Birgir" at the Hinterland exhibition in Nottingham, UK (Art council of England).
2006 Physical Cinema workshop produced by Ulster University in Belfast, North Ireland with the writer David Andrew M.
2006 Dance Films Association, NY USA, Mypocket Productions and Reykjavik City premiered dance film programsykjavik, curated by Helena Jonsdottir and Diedre Towers (DFA) presented in Reykjavik's annual Culture Night 2006 at Tjarnar Theatre and 12 Tonar/ Cult music center.
2005 “100 Artists See God” Touring Exhibition - Contemporary Art Center of Virginia,Virginia Beach, VA
2003-2005 Pre-production dance-short film "Another/ Teine" in Estonia,
production of the EstonianTelevision ETV in collaboration MPP Iceland with the German/French Television Arte and other broadcasters. Premiered in Tallinn Estonia 10 November 2005 at Cinema “Soprus” Tallinn and at the same time on ETV. Broadcasted/screened: 28 October at the Ultima film festival Oslo, Norway. SVT Swedish Television 05 November 2005 and August 2006 (around 600,000 audiences), 16 November at ETV and Broadcasting season 2005-2006 at ZDF/ARTE (Germany/France), RTV Slovenia,YLE Teema Finland, NRK Norway, SVT Sweden, DR Denmark. Went to Midem, Cannes France to be bought again by other broadcasters.
2005 "Bid" International dance film festival, Budapest autumn Festival,
Orokozgo Film museum. "While the cats away" Co-organised with
M?hely Foundation Supported by National Cultural Fund | The British
Council | Ministry of Cultural Heritage | Municipality of Budapest |
Webstar Group
2005 Premier: Director and choreographer of concerts for “Fabula”
at the Reykjavik City Theatre.
2005 Premier of new full length version of "Open Source" for the
Icelandic Dance Company at the City Theatre.
2004 World Premiere of the dance-short film "Zimmer" November 28th
Sk Stiftung Kultur at Media Center in Cologne, Germany. Now showing
in festivals around Europe 2005/2006
2004 St. Petersburg international Film Festival Kinodance, Russia.
“While thecats away"
2004 World premier of dance theatre by HJ. A Irish/Icelandic stage version
with cast and crew from Ireland. A dance theatre called "Open source" first Icelandic-Irish stage production with Galway Art Festival(1977), performed also in Belgium.
2004 Premier in Galway, Ireland and Gent, Belgium summer 2004.
2004 Choreographer at The National Theatre of Iceland award winning
best play of the year at the Icelandic theatre award 2004, "Thetta
er allt ad koma!" by Baltasar Kormakur and Hallgrimur Helgason
2004 Winner of the Deutsche Videotanzpreis 2003/2004 in one of the
most respected dance-short film competition in Europe, Stiftung
Kultur, Cologne Germany.
2003 Winner of a dance-theatre competition of the Icelandic Dance
Company and Reykjavik City Theatre for short version of ,,Open Source
2002 Choreographer for a music video B.R.A production company Hammer and Tongs UK director Garth Jennings.
2002 Selected/Winner with "While the cats away" one of 10 Nordic
choreographers and directors, 10 Moving North, production company
Icelandic Film Found, Saga Film Iceland and Barok Film, Denmark.
2002 100 Artists See GodTouring Exhibition with video installation “Still more”
2002 Opening of "100 Artists see God" Milano, Italy. One of 10 artist´s who where invited to make work on location in Milano for the exhibition.
2002 Backup.lounge|lab. 2002, Weimar Germany. Invitation as visual artist,
one of 10 international artist resident week to make work on location for the festival.


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