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Anthony has created some of the most visually daring commercials of the last six years, crafting clever and mesmerising films for the likes of Levis, Audi, Nike and Nintendo. His style shows strong performance and a feel for the aesthetic, his films notable for their rich cinematic textures.

Having been selected for Saatchi's New Directors Showcase in 2003, Anthony developed quickly into an award-winning film-maker, his Nintendo spot picking up numerous accolades including Best Directing & Cinematography Clios, plus Gold & Best-in-Show awards at the Addys.

Working together with partner and Co-Director Valerie Martinez, Anthony has directed UK ads for the likes of BBH, CHI, VCCP and TBWA, whilst recent overseas spots include a hypnotic and enigmatic spot for Audi Worldwide, and an engaging commercial for Italian mobile provider, TIM.

Following the cinematic success of Nintendo on American screens the creative duo is currently being considered for feature scripts through the William Morris Endeavour Agency. Most recently, Anthony and Valerie shot an epic world campaign in Toronto for car client Nissan. They have now clocked-up over 100 commercials on the International market.

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