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  1. 00:00

    New Year's Eve 2012

    by Anthony Esposito

    1 Video

    Live Music at The Pit Stop Oak Bluffs, MA 12/31/2012

  2. 32:24

    Adam Lipsky @ The Pit Stop - May 9, 2012

    by Anthony Esposito

    8 Videos

    "HEE HAWK" CD Release Party http://heehawk.bandcamp.com/album/hee-hawk www.adamlipsky.net ©2012 Esposito Productions Additional audio recorded by Angel Sparrow Russell www.sgtsparrow.com www.sparrowmade.com

  3. 20:50

    Band Profiles

    by Anthony Esposito

    2 Videos

    Segments of live performances from various bands.

  4. 12:58

    John Gorman, Piano

    by Anthony Esposito

    6 Videos

    Produced by Boaz Kirschenbaum - http://cherrytreepiano.com Engineered by Anthony Esposito - http://www.espositopro.com Recorded in West Tisbury, MA on April 17, 2013 Copyright 2013 Cherry Tree Piano

  5. 38:38

    Professor Projector Film Literacy Series

    by Anthony Esposito

    9 Videos

    http://tmvff.org - Produced by The Martha's Vineyard Film Festival

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