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Now based in Melbourne, Australia
Cyril Paquier : Film-maker, DoP, director, producer and video editor.

Passionated by the moving images since my earliest childhood. I have been in the industry since 1991, known for crossing regularly the invisible but very tangible line between film and television industry.

My favourite piece of gear so far is an amazingly cinematic HDSLR Panasonic GH2 hacked version with a shocking 176mb/s (!!) equivalent in quality to the Sony HDW f900r, via toy cameras such as Contour HD and HDSLR's tools such as Canon 5DmkII. Nonetheless I also work regularly with a Red MX :)

Also, I'm the in-house Director of Photography and co-producer of the Foxtel Aurora show "Planet unEarth" dedicated to unearthing Australian talents.
The shows are visible here:

Regarding news reports and french television programs, here are some of the older things I've done so far:

to be continued...

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